Recently In Mexico, religious fanatics have left to the street to express their feelings, while one kidnapped an airplane, armed with a can of juice with small light in one hand, the bible in the other, and his 3 accomplices (The father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit), the other one decided to go underground, with God’s hands holding his pistol, reason why there was so much movement, he got excited and started shooting and killed 2 people on the subway, all this while he shouted and  “it was God, it was God “… Reason why now the Catholic church decided to implement a special filter for the detection of very fanatical people, this way the catholic church will be able to be defined of any other religious idiot who decides to make trivialities of this type, these detectors will be put in the entrances of all the catholic churches, so now, common believers can continue visiting their imaginary friend in the church without problem! This was said by the Cardinal of Mexico, so this way, the church will not have more problems in the future and will be able to prove that this idiots belong to another religion, This idiot (The cardinal) also said, that these fanatics did not belong to the catholic church of Mexico, but belong to another sect, he didn’t specify what denomination this people belong to, since he hasn’t receive his official notices from God yet, according to this idiot… sorry the Cardinal of Mexico said … I just want to inform that in “the catholic church does not teach the bible to be literal”, and don’t endorse anybody to read it, that is why most Catholics had never read the bible, he said that, “we only used what we think is good and descent from the bible”, this is why that the majority of priests are homosexual and/or they like the children… also said, some idiot in history, decided that we cannot have spouses, we have to get to dressed as clowns and we must dedicate our life to “a single man” and continuous saying that other sects, use and believe in the bible “literally” karzai metal detectorbeing their communication with God more direct, reason why we think is better not to bother him so much, “our father” so we don’t upset him much… therefore the Arlequín of the church of Mexico, also told us that later the “Money people give to the church, will have to be duplicated” to be able to acquire these detectors of fanaticism, so they can be installed in all the churches as soon as possible, the cost of these equipment will have to come from the pockets of the people that go to worship in the house of god, so this way, we can still have our nice cars, trips, and this way we can continue with the work of god!

In another official notice, from this clown.. sorry from the Cardinal (sorry I keep getting confuse between this 2), he said that the other denominations, sects or religions are crazy, and they need a psychiatrist in each temple, because it is not normal that God would speaks to them that much, he also express his preoccupation of people using the word “Soldiers of Christ” and seeing the possibility of changing this, but after the interview we could notice that he was a bit jealous that God had more direct lines with the Christians!


Nuevos detectores de Fanaticos Religiosos

Nuevos detectores de Fanaticos Religiosos

Note. These “fanatics detectors” are now in their testing stage, reason why we don’t think are very reliable, we also think that these machines can detect children who feel lonely and vulnerable, this generated much interest generally! this way priest can approach them with greater facility and have private and personal sessions with the children, but priest and people that work on churches will have to be trained for the use of this detectors, so this way this “fanatics” will not be able to enter the Catholics temples of god… he also said that prayers will have to increase about 66.6 % to see if we can get better results @!

Science or Fiction?

4 Respuestas a “Catholic Church to Install FANATIC DETECTORS ON CHURCHES…

  1. Enjoyed meeting and talking with you at the Seattle Skeptics Meetup. Sorry I had to run off without saying goodbye. Thank you for writing a blog in English-I enjoyed learning more from you. Hope you have a great visit and that your son enjoys the snow!

  2. I wished I could have stayed longer to talk, but I have to get a sleepy teenager to school tomorrow.

    You are in luck, Saturday it the opening day for a new fossil exhibit (okay, I know you will be skiing and won’t meet the featured author/artish, but they will have the fossils on display after Saturday):

  3. and he wont answer because he doesnt know shit about english (post was a copy-paste)


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